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Do you know that you need to make a change, but struggle with time, money, or belief that this will work for you? This video is for you. 

Welcome to the Joyful Mamahood Mentorship!

This is a 6 month coaching experience to help you have ENOUGH time for what matters so you can ENJOY a peaceful, present, joyful mamahood.

I use my Master’s in Education, with specializations in Health and Psychology and years of mentorship, coaching, child development, and life experience as a mama to 3 kids of my own to help busy, moms like you succeed, especially if you are a neurodiverse thinker that tends to get overwhelmed easily.

As a military spouse of 23 years and homeschooling mom, I know what it’s like to be so busy, juggling all of the balls, wearing all of the hats, and trying to be everything to everyone, spending many seasons solo parenting while raising babies.

Using my education background, I have designed this course to meet each learning style and to make it attainable and something that you can sustain with small, but significant, action steps that build upon one another and short, bite-size teaching videos because I know you are already struggling with feeling like you don’t have enough time. 

Over the course of the next months, I will walk you through the Joyful Mamahood framework. You will be fully supported as you work through each step of the framework described below.

Click here to apply to join us in the Joyful Mamahood Mentorship today!

You will also receive...

  • The Joyful Mamahood curriculum and video teachings with lifetime access

  • The 8 modules are released bi-weekly, with one week for learning and one week dedicated to focused application 
  • Module 1: Mindset
  • Module 2: Self-Care & Boundaries
  • Module 3: Rhythms & Routines
  • Module 4: Nutrition & Energy
  • Module 5: Parenting/Child Relationships
  • Module 6: Marriage/Partner Relationship
  • Module 7: Family Relationships
  • Module 8: Purpose & Passion

  • Bonus teachings

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls

  • Unlimited 1:1 pocket coaching support via Telegram, built to work with your schedule, that meets your needs as a busy mom. 

  • A 10% cash in your pocket referral bonus with unlimited earning potential

  • A private community for current students

  • A private community for alumni