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You already have a daily routine...it's just not one that serves you well…

Especially if you’re a mom who feels like you don't have time for everything because you spend your days “constantly cleaning up,” but the house is never clean.

So often the words “schedule” and “routine” have a bad connotation. It can feel restrictive or limiting, but when applied properly Rhythms and Routines bring freedom!

Your routines should support you - not control you. A rigid schedule is not what you need. What you need is an ease and a flow to your day. Your kids need to know what to expect. You need to know what happens when. 

Put simply: Successful rhythms and routines take the guesswork and the decision fatigue out of the equation.

NOT having a rhythm and routine makes it feel impossible to sit and relax because there is always an “emergency” to be managed. It prevents you from being present in the moments with your kids or partner because of the mental burden. You need to eliminate as many of the decisions as possible, so that you have the bandwidth for the bigger things…

Because the truth is…


The key to fitting in the important things is to prioritize them. Then, you simply align the way you spend your time in a way that supports those priorities.

Sure you could try to figure this out on your own, or you could learn a proven method that is different that what you've learned before and actually works. In fact, those cookie cutter approaches aren't working for you and you need something different. This is where I come in with the Joyful Mamahood Method of Time Management that allows you to take your time back and stop running around putting out fires. 

From now on you can wake up FOR your day, not TO your day using the Joyful Mamahood Method of Time Management.

In this 90 minute workshop I will teach you...

~The 6 pillars to a joyful mamahood.

~How to identify what YOU and YOUR family need to thrive.

~How to time block the joyful mama way, which works for everyone because this framework is different than what’s being taught elsewhere and isn’t a one size fits all approach. It isn’t restrictive and it works for YOU!

By the end of the workshop, you will have created YOUR ideal day. 

~One where things are running in the most optimal way for your family. 

~Where you are spending your time on the things that matter to you, and your day flows with a rhythm that has a sense of ease to it.

~And one where you have time for everything that is a priority for you.

The one time investment for this training is $27 and you get lifetime access to the training, the resources, and sample schedules from four different moms with unique schedules and needs.


"This was the BEST training on taking back my time. I’ve been through several others, but nothing seemed to work for me. I’m finally excited again about my schedule. The rhythms and routines are going to be so helpful!" ~Angela

"My favorite part was before we even got to learning about the block schedule! Where you took us through understanding what our basic human needs are in general, and then our specific priorities as individuals. This is something I feel I did not pay enough attention to in my previous attempts to structure my days. Making sure my daily routines are supporting vital aspects of a well rounded healthy lifestyle. And knowing you personally understand the ADHD mind and can provide tips for success with that in mind, priceless!!! ~Kara

I'm ready to take back my time!

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